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As many of you know severe storms wreaked havoc on the Midwest and South on 2/29/2012. The above picture is from an E-4 tornado that devastated Harrisburg, IL, which is about 60 miles from where I live. One young woman lost her life in this particular tornado. I ask that you pray for those that were affected by these severe “Acts of God”. If you don’t believe in prayer, then please keep this and other communities in your thoughts and wish them well as they rebuild their lives.
Today’s prompt is to write about a storm. It can be any kind of storm; a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, a snowstorm, anything you wish to write about. You can even be the storm itself if you wish.
Remember you can write non-fiction, fiction, poetry, or anything that pops into your mind. The important thing is that you just keep writing for your established amount of time. Happy writing.